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The Unicorn

Once upon a time there was a deer who had surprisingly grown a single horn on its forehead. He was quite unaware of this matter. But he knew that the other animals always gave him an icy stare when they saw him. They left him high and dry in jungle. He felt blue most of the time and looked like he has the weight of world on his shoulder, because he was so lonely. He decided to go it alone and went into the middle of the jungle where most of the animals live. He tried to be friend with them and wanted to talk to them, but they all turned their backs on him, even the other deer. Now that the cards stacked against him, he took the bull by the horns and went to the owl to talk to him about his problems and get them off his chest. The owl seemed more friendly. The deer asked him why is it that everybody gave him the cold shoulder and run away from him. Is it because that he seems scary? The owl tried not to tell him directly what was wrong with him. He suggested him to take it easy and go near the lake where there is a beautiful creature he has never seen before and that he knows the answer. He is called “the Unicorn”. Through the way he was thinking about that exceptional creature. “What kind of creature would it be like? would he be the cream of the crop of the jungle? I got to keep a civil tongue when I am talking to him. But I should also look him in the eye and tell it like it is. As he was going to the river, he saw the lion. At first the lion ran away from him. The deer begged him to stay and surprisingly the lion who has a heart of stone, this time his heart went out to him. “have you seen a creature called the unicorn in the jungle so far?” The deer asked. “Yes, sure. I always see him. He is the most beautiful creature in the jungle. I always have a deer for my supper, but I dare not to hunt him because he is so unique. The other animals always try to look at him secretly, so that he can not understand they are watching him.”  the lion answered. This made him more enthusiastic to see the unicorn.  He ran so fast and burned himself out to reach the river. Finally he got there. He walked across the river but he couldn’t see anything. He was dead tired. So he went near the river to have some water. As he was putting his head down in the water, he saw that exceptional creature. He sat up and took notice. He was amazed by what he saw. he was a so beautiful creature with a single horn on its head that bends like a beautiful arch to his backward. He tried to talk to him but it looked that he doesn’t answer. He roamed around himself for a moment and the unicorn did it too. He went near him, the unicorn came nearer. He splashed the water, and the unicorn disappeared. This was the time that he realized he is the unicorn, himself. He felt like a million bucks now. He was the top dog in the jungle now and was on cloud nine. He realized why the other animals treat him in an unusual way. Every thing changed quick as a wink and he could strut like a rooster because he was the Unicorn.
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  1. niminy piminy says:

    >unicorn khodesh ye mojode afsanei hast ke ye shakh joloye pishonish dare.albate man dastan ro ta akhar nakhondam. vali shoma avalesh unicorn ro rabt dadid be deer.ke fekr nakonam 2rost bashe.

  2. Mehdi says:

    >hey man. that is brilliant

  3. maryam says:

    >hi i really enjoy ur blog.BRAVO.

  4. MARGUERITE says:

    >تو آن تو اي شكوهمند منشکوه دلپسند منتو آن ستاره بوده ای كه مهر آسمان شديز مهر برتر آمديفراز كهكشان شدي به دره ها نگاه كنبه ژرف دره ها نگر به تكه سنگهاي سردبه ذره ها نگاه كن به من بتاب كه سنگ سرد دره امكه كوچكمكه ذره ام به من بتابمرا ز شرم مهر خويش آب كنمرا به خويش جذب كنمرا هم آفتاب كن

  5. MARGURITE says:

    >hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabelakhare movafagh shodamharchand avale sheram yakam ba eshkal movajeh shodebe har hal omadam begam pari toye delesh vase hameye hamkelasiash ja hast va delesh vase hamashoon tang khahad shodagarche midoonam kasi az man khooshesh nemiad ama dele man mese dele una nistmovafagh bashid

  6. Sammy says:

    >Thank u margarita…. you are so cool, so cute…

  7. Anonymous says:

    >vay mamanamman midoonestam midoonestam ke soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cutam

  8. niminy piminy says:

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  9. Sammy says:

    >Merci Beacoup!!! I thought you are a student of French. but if u had any good pdf file in french send it to me to my Yahoo Id: Sammy.1368 or to myE-mail: Sammy.1368@yahoo.comthank you very much

  10. niminy piminy says:

    >ok.I'm just an amateur even in english.but,I give you my best shot.

  11. pari says:

    >hi Sammyi remembr that i wrote my comment as a first on for u about yr essayi said that its so organized i mean according to grammar while is so clearand becasue of that er are not sure that its by yrself or netkidding

  12. niminy piminy says:

    >slm.man bahman mah taze misham ye daneshjoye term avali,be hamin khater ziyad nemi2nam matalebe por mohtava bezaram 2 web,yani balad nistam.mreci ke sar zadi.

  13. niminy piminy says:

    >mer30.mer30.shoma ke bishtar baladid.man kheyli nashiyam.shoma kheyli khob maghale minevi30d.tnx.

  14. Sammy says:

    >Thank you. Are you from Khoramabad?

  15. niminy piminy says:


  16. Sammy says:

    >nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!And are you LOR?

  17. niminy piminy says:

    >chie?be lora nemiyad?

  18. Sammy says:

    >no. on the contrary they are so clever. so smart. so brilliant…. because i am one of them….

  19. Sammy says:

    >Je suis LOR!!!

  20. niminy piminy says:

    >bah bah! :-)

  21. Sammy says:

    >believe me!!!!! I am telling the truth…. And I am very proud of it!!!!

  22. niminy piminy says:

    >darvaghe bavarash sakht mibashad! :-/

  23. Sammy says:

    >Baba bekhoda man loram….. me lor hisam!!! khoa. bavar keni ise!!!!

  24. niminy piminy says:

    >"bavar keni?" ya "bavar kerdi?" ini ke gofti lori nabod! man ke ta hala nashnidam ye lor bege "bavar keni"!

  25. niminy piminy says:

    >:-) 2rogh nagoo!jedan kojaee hasti?

  26. Sammy says:

    >ve khoda, ve pir, ve peghambar, me loram…. bavar keni, bavar miki, bavar kerdi, these are different dialects of Lori in different zones. what is spoken in Ilam for example is a little bit different from the Lori in Lorestan….

  27. Sammy says:

    >Its just a matter of different dialects!!!! come on believe me

  28. niminy piminy says:

    >ok.ok.no need to explain.

  29. niminy piminy says:

    >bavar kardam.

  30. niminy piminy says:

    >by the way:r.amirkia@yahoo.com

  31. Sammy says:

    >well, thank you!!! Merci Beacoup!!!

  32. Arash the Archer says:

    >WOW!!! What a great blog!! I really wondered, clap 4u sammy. pls help me to create such a blog.

  33. Sammy says:

    >well, thank you!!!! its very nice of you!!! Ok. I will tell you to create a nice blog for yoursel, on your own!!!!

  34. niminy piminy says:

    >in ghesmate "ask your questions from me". be che dardi mikhore?aslan moshkel dare!chizi nemiyare.

  35. Sammy says:

    >It is for the members of the blog… u ask me questions and i answer u. If i can of course!!!

  36. Anonymous says:

    >hi my dear unknown

  37. Anonymous says:

    >hi my dear unknown

  38. Anonymous says:

    >unknown:آواز دهل شده ام برایت از دور شنیدنم را خوش داری

  39. Sammy says:

    >Hi Mr or Ms Unknown. thank you for checking my blog. I hope you enjoy it….

  40. Sammy says:

    >just click on name/url and write unknown there.

  41. niminy piminy says:

    >chera nazaramo pak kardi?man ke esme kasiro nagoftam!>:-/

  42. unknown says:

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  43. unknown says:

    >من دشمن تو و عقاید تو هستم اما حاضرم جانم را برای ازادی و عقاید تو فدا کنمشریعتی

  44. Sammy says:

    >To niminy piminy: I do not delete any comments. everybody is free to express his/her opinions. no limitations. maybe you didnt send it well. send it again!!!!!

  45. Sammy says:

    >to unknown: are you FOR ot AGAINST me?

  46. Sammy says:

    >BA mayi ya BAR mayi?

  47. niminy piminy says:

    >az modiriyate mohtarame weblog khaheshmandam axhaye khanome shiiiir berenj ro bardarid va be jash axaye digei bezarid. ba tashakor.khasti ham aslan avaz nakon.vali age indafe pak koni nazaramo……..ba to kari nadaram vali zibaie khanome shiiir berenj ro mibaram zire soal! >:-/

  48. Sammy says:

    >Ok. I will change it. But it takes time… I want my friends to get familiar with this gorgeous actress!!!

  49. niminy piminy says:

    >heyf inja az in sheklak sabza nadare.az onaee ke halesh be ham khorde o dare miyare bala.aslan nemikhad avaz koni……!pedare asheghi besoze! :-)

  50. unknown says:

    >نفسم در نمیاد به چشمم خواب نمیاد دل من تو رو میخواد چشم من گریه میخوادتقدیم با عشق فراواااااااااااااان

  51. Anonymous says:

    >چیزی نگو قسم نخور تموم حرفات یه دروغهکسی نگفت خودم دیدم خونه قلب تو شلوغهچیزی نگو لیاقتت عشق مقدسم نبودفکر میکنم نبودی و بودنتم یه قصه بود…

  52. Sammy says:


  53. unknown says:

    >what do u mean by pardon?i fell in love with u

  54. Sammy says:

    >Nice…. So do I!!!

  55. niminy piminy says:

    >aya shoma hamon unknown nistid ke 2 webloge aghaye kalani ham comment mizasht? :-) va hey migoft chera samir sher neminevi3?:-)

  56. unknown says:

    >are khodamam fahmidanesh ziyad sakht nabud

  57. unknown says:

    >are khodamam fahmidanesh ziyad sakht nabud

  58. unknown says:

    >are khodamam fahmidanesh ziyad sakht nabud

  59. unknown says:

    >are khodamam fahmidanesh ziyad sakht nabud

  60. niminy piminy says:

    >unknown jan.hala mage chi goftam?hads zadanesh kheyli ham asoon bod.chon tanha kasi ke be esme unknown comment mizare u hasti…. :-) esme bahali ham dari…. :-*

  61. unknown says:

    >هي فلاني مي داني ؟ مي گويند رسم زندگي چنين است…مي آيند…. مي مانند…. عادت مي دهند…. ومي روند.وتو در خود مي ماني و تو تنها مي مانيراستي نگفتي رسم تونيز چنين است؟…. مثل همه فلاني ها….؟

  62. unknown says:

    >are khodam midunam saligheye mamaname

  63. niminy piminy says:

    >che mamane khosh saligheii. :-*

  64. مارگاریتا says:

    >به unknown:ببین واست فارسی مینویسم تا مبادا وفتت گرفته شه اما باره آخریه که از حرفای من کپی برداری میکنی فهمیدی؟

  65. MARGUERITE says:

    >NO LOGER MOURN FOR ME No longer mourn for me when I am deadThan you shall hear the surly sullen bell Give warning to the world that I am fled From this vile world, with vilest worms to dwell.Nay, if you read this line, remember notThe hand that writ it, for I love you so,That I in your sweet thoughts would be forgot, If thinking on me ten should make you woe.O, if, I say, you look upon this vers When I perhaps compounded am with clay,Do not so much as my poor name rehearse But let your love even with my life decay,Lest the wise world should look into your moanAnd mock you with me after I am gone. William Shakespeare"to u"

  66. مارگاریتا says:

    >پس از مرگم در سوگ من منشینآن هنگام که بانگ ناخوشایند ناقوس مرگ را می شنوی که به دنیا اعلام می کند: من رها گشته ام ؛ ازاین دنیای پست , از این مأمن پست ترین کرم ها وحتی وقتی این شعر را نیز می خوانی, به خاطر نیاور دستی که آنرا نوشت, چرا که آنقدر تو را دوست دارم که می خواهم در افکار زیبایت فراموش شوم مبادا که فکر کردن به من تو را اندوهگین سازد حتی اسم من مسکین را هم به خاطر نیاور آن هنگام که با خاک گور یکی شده ام هر چند از تو بخواهم این شعر را نگاه کنی بلکه بگذار عشق تو به من , با زندگی من به زوال بنشیند مبادا که روزگار کج اندیش متوجه عزاداری تو شود و از اینکه من رفته ام (از جدایی دو عاشق) خوشحال شود.اینم معنیش واسه تو امیدوارم خوشت بیاد

  67. Sammy says:

    >Thank you . I love it… That was great!!! Merci beacoup Marguerite!

  68. MARGUERITE says:

    >آپم همچین باحال بدو بیا

  69. niminy piminy says:

    >مدیریت محترم سلام:بروید در گوگل این را بسرچید:طنز آخرین شماره چلچراغ قبل از توقیف.با تشکر.

  70. niminy piminy says:

    >راستی!اون فقط یه مطلب سیاسی در قالب طنزه.طنز نیست.

  71. Sammy says:

    >Ok. I know, thanks!!!! I will read it in my free time…

  72. niminy piminy says:

    >salut cher sammy.i try to fall in with you, but i think that you latch onto me.let me put my heart on my sleeve i think that i hit off with you.i want to tell you that, even i never meet you.but you are one of my best friends.you help me over my questions and you give me advice too.i'm sorry if i hurt your feelings.je t'aime mon ami.

  73. Sammy says:

    >salut… I hear new terms: fall in, latch onto, put my heart on my heart on my sleeve, hit off….. thank u very much for telling me about them… always use this kind of expressions!!! MERCI BEACOUP!!!!

  74. negin says:

    hi sammy

    nice blog

    thanx to go too my blog and comment me

    hope too see you soon…

    • Sammy says:

      You’re welcome.

  75. In The Name Of My Pure Love God says:

    Salam Samir, Man mikhastam avalin nafari basham ke behet tabrik mige vali nashod .Tabrik migam .Ensha Allah har ja ke hastin movaffagh va pirooz bashin.Liyaghate shoma bishtar az inas. En sha Allah roye takhte padeshahi bebinametoon.

  76. In The Name Of My Pure Love God says:

    .Rasti man kheili khoob yad gereftam essay benevisam.bar ha be weblogeton PM dadam vali javab nadadin. Be ghole khodet ” Mohem Nist”.man ke sale ghabl vasam jooor nashod dars bekhonam vase arshad.amma emsal hatman ya azad ya dolati konkor midam va ghabool misham.Barat arezooye movafaghiat va Prosperity mikonam .Yeah Prosperity ! Good Luck! Leila Jahan

    • Sammy says:

      سلام. خیلی ممنون.لطف کردین. ان شا الله همه قبول شیم.

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